This comic is intended for a mature audience and, while there are no explicit scenes of sex or gore, a variety of adult themes are touched upon on and offscreen. Reader discretion is strongly advised.

• homophobia
• racism
• alcohol & underage drinking
• drugs
• body shame, envy & fatphobia
• references to step-incest
• poverty
• extreme wealth
• lack of parental supervision
• parental manipulation & judgement
• open relationships & polyamory
• broken bones
• teen pregnancy, unexpected/unwanted pregnancy
• bullying

Best Friends Forever is a (b)romantic dramedy about a dirt-poor quarterback and the nerd-chic president of the student council trying to hold their unlikely friendship together - despite the suspicions & meddling of their frustrating classmates.

I started developing these characters in the 8th grade, and actually produced the comic in high school & college. This comic reflects my personal perspective of being a closeted gay teenager in the 2010's, influenced by shows like Pretty Little Liars, Gossip Girl and Ouran High School Host Club. It is inconsistent, vulgar, and at times incomprehensible, but it's something I poured 5+ years of my youth into. It is presented here unedited, but with content & trigger warnings that I hope you will take seriously, as the comic is also a product of my own biases and predjudices. Thank you for any time you've spent with my work.